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It is business as usual for 70 sailors from Gujarat

The 70 Gujarat sailors who had set out in five dhows at their own risk from Yemen's Al-Khokha port to escape the war-hit country, are now moving towards Oman.

However, 14 other sailors from the state still remain stranded on the Yemen port as four of them were in hospital recuperating from injuries they sustained during the air strike on September 8. At least six sailors from the state were killed in the attack.

The sailors, who set off from the Al-Khokha port on Wednesday, successfully crossed the Yemen's maritime border and entered international waters and are now moving towards Oman coast to do business.

"On Wednesday night, Saudi Arabia's navy intercepted the five dhows and stopped them for checking their documents. After over 12 hours of verification they were allowed to proceed further. They are now sailing towards Oman. They are now safe and are expected to start their routine business trips," Adam Bhaya, a member of Indian Sailing Vessels Association, told TOI.

Meanwhile, the 14 remaining sailors remain stranded as their two vessels were completely destroyed during the air attack on September 8. They have also lost all their papers including passport and identity documents. The four injured are still recuperating in hospital.

"We have supplied the relevant documents to the ministry of external affairs to initiate further process to rescue these 14 sailors," Isha Thaim, owner of one of the dhows that was bombarded, told TOI.

"The Indian Embassy in Djibouti is in process to rescue the 14 sailors," Thaim added.


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Rajkot, a city which is one of the 22nd growing cities in the world and it occupies the 35th place in India as its population about 1.28 million. It is in the state of Gujarat and it is the fourth largest city in its state. Alfred High School in Rajkot is also famous for the reason that Mahatma Gandhi had studied in that school. Industries play an important role in the country’s economy likewise Rajkot large and small scale industries play an important role in the economy of the state. It is well-known for some particular industries namely jeweler, silk embroidery and watch accessories.

It is famous in manufacturing many categories of products. Rajkot is also shining in automobile industries where CNC machines and automobile accessories are manufactured. Gear manufacturing companies are present in more number in Rajkot. There is a gold market in Rajkot which is one of the largest among other gold markets in India. Snack manufacturers in Rajkot are the leading manufacturers among all other manufacturers in Rajkot. Share market and finance is also the foremost business in Rajkot. As, women in Rajkot are fond of dresses it is also a leading manufacturers of salwars and Sarees.

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Rajkot is the 22nd fastest growing city in the world. Rajkot is the favourable b2b market for jewellery, silk embroidery and watch parts. Rajkot is the hub of several small and medium scale manufacturing industries. Rajkot jewellery manufacturers are known for gold purity. Rajkot has the largest gold b2b markets in the country. Rajkot manufacturers are famous for the products like bearings, diesel engines, watch parts, kitchen knives, other cutting appliances, automotive parts and machine tools. 

Rajkot is home to numerous national landmarks and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the India. The Major business categories in Rajkot are Cellular Phone Accessories Dealers, Hotels, Cinema, Travel Agents, Radio Broadcasting Services, Computer Laptop Dealers, Placement Services,   Pizza Home Delivery Services, Baby Care Product Dealer, etc.
Rajkot is becoming the biggest auto-mobile zone in Asia. The city acts as home for largest CNC machine and auto parts manufacturers in India. Casting manufacturers in Rajkot are well known in the worldwide marketplaces. Over 500 foundry units are there in the city. The major casting industry in Rajkot is grey iron castings, electric motor castings, auto mobile castings etc.  Morbi, the sister city of Rajkot is a hub for ceramic manufacturers, wall clock manufacturers and electrical manufacturers.
Rajkot is a well known place for textile printing units. Textile printing manufacturers in Rajkot are expertise in cotton salwar suits, silk sarees and cotton print. Rajkot Diesel engine and submersible pumps manufacturers are the leading producers in India. Their submersible pumps are marketed throughout India and all over the world. Rajkot is also formerly known for snacks manufacturers. They produce India’s favourite snacks and market worldwide.
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